Pewny Lokal is a company that specializes in legal and technical real estate audits. We employ lawyers as well as civil engineers. Each month we support more than a thousand Poles and foreigners seeking to acquire a flat, a house or a plot of land in Poland.

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Technical reception of a flat or a house on primary market

In Poland, most flats or houses are sold by developers in the so-called crude state. This means that, as a rule, when a developer hands over keys to a new house or apartment, the acquired real estate does not have finished bathrooms or parquet floors. It is crucial to check on the day of the estate’s reception whether the developer has completed all the technical elements of the estate as required by the contract. We also verify whether the estate complies with technical norms.

Technical audit of a flat or a house on secondary market

On the secondary market our engineers check whether the acquired house or flat complies with technical norms and standards. We verify potential defects and the condition of installations (for example, electrical installations). We also offer thermal imaging audits. With a thermal imaging camera we can check for example whether windows are properly isolated and verify potential excessive damp in walls. We can also provide you with estimated cost of the estate’s renovation.


Legal analysis of a development contract on primary market

Contacts with real estate developers in Poland can contain a plethora of contractual clauses that put the buyer in an inferior position (for example, excessive fines, waivers of a developer’s liability etc.) Our lawyers analyse draft contacts to make sure you don’t sign such a dangerous clause.

Legal audit of a flat or a house on secondary market

When buying a flat or a house on the secondary market, it is crucial to verify land registers and make sure that the estate is free of any claims or dangerous servitudes. We also help buyers in negotiations of a sale contract.


Other legal and engineering services relating to real estate

Pewny Lokal is no. 1 company in Poland that offers legal and engineering support relating to real estate. Feel free to contact us in case you need legal or engineering help while dealing with various real estate (an office, building, plot of land etc).

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for foreign investors in Polish real estate

Legal audit of a real estate

Our lawyers will assist you in verifying potential defects of a real estate (flat, house, building or a plot of land). We will make sure that the estate is free of legal defects.

Engineering audit of a real estate

Our civil engineers will make sure that the estate is free of technical defects and complies with technical norms. Thermal imaging audits of real estate included.

Complex legal contract’s assistance

We will analyze the draft real estate sale contract and suggest necessary changes. We will explain legal consequences of signing certain contractual clauses.

PoA services

We can complete all formalities relating to buying a real estate in Poland on your behalf. We will prepare a draft PoA. Once prepared, we will ask you to send the PoA to our office so that we can enter into a real estate agreement on your behalf.

Investment consultation

Our real estate analysts will be happy to talk to you and advise you on real estate investment opportunities and investment strategies in Poland.

Legal consultation and representation

Our lawyer will consult with you (for example, on Skype). We will represent you in contract negotiations with the other party to a transaction.

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