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Flat or house technical audit and inspection in Poland

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Technical audit or inspection of a purchased real estate

Before making such an important decision as buying apartment or house in Poland it is worth to commission technical audit of real estate to the specialists of Pewny Lokal. The engineers and construction inspectors employed in our company have extensive experience and can boast of carrying out audits of apartments or houses in most Polish cities. We operate both on the primary market and on the secondary market, where our engineers check the technical condition of the purchased flat or house (e.g. they assess which elements are suitable for repair or renovation). We also carry out research with a thermal imaging camera, thanks to which we can, among others, check the tightness of window frames and dampness in the walls.

Technical audit of a flat or a house from the developer on primary market

During a well-carried out technical inspection of a real estate purchased from a developer our engineer often hands over to a client a protocol full of technical flaws. Insightful and precise audit, however, requires the support of experienced engineers and building inspectors. Pewny Lokal helps in carrying out a technical audit of apartments and houses on primary market with a professional. Upon audit, we verify the compliance of the flat or house with the developer’s contract and prospectus of the developer. We also check whether the constructed property complies with Polish Technical Norms and whether the developer has correctly calculated the metrage of the property.

After ordering services of a professional engineer, our employee will call you to arrange a detailed date the technical audit. It's best to send us the technical standard of the flat or house (standard wykończenia). If you do not know which documents to send, we will explain it by phone and we will confirm by e-mail. During audit, our engineer or building inspector will check among others walls, plasters, installations, windows, doors, as well as all elements of the apartment.

Support of lawyers when buying a flat or a house

Pewny Lokal is not only technical but also legal services company. Our lawyers specialize in legal assistance in the process of buying a flat. We help our clients to analyze preliminary and development contracts, so that interests of the buyer are secured. We also check land and mortgage registers of apartments, houses and land, so that buyers can buy real estate without legal defects or obligations.

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